Built-ins & Outdoor Kitchens

If an outdoor kitchen is in your plans, come and talk to us at Jeff’s Backyard.  We can refer you to the builder that built the kitchen you see in our photos.  We do not build them ourselves, but we can supply the grills, doors, sinks, burners, etc.  We currently sell Blaze and Napoleon built in grills.

We also have recommendations for those wanting an outdoor grilling space but are on a smaller budget than an outdoor kitchen.  We sell Challenger Tables, the Weber Grill Island, Big Green Egg Acacia Wood Tables, and Modular System.

We now carry Challenger Tables in store that will house a 4 burner Blaze Propane Grill and a large Big Green Egg with a spacious counter top and plenty of storage. There are multiple color options and order times are around 6 weeks if you want a custom color, or come pick out one of the in stock options and have an outdoor kitchen today!