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2019 Black Friday Sale on Green Mountain Pellet Grills!

Your Holiday Cooking All Wrapped into One Cooker!

By now, you’re probably aware of pellet grills, but if not, we can bring you up to speed at Jeff’s Backyard (JBY).  No problem. Just know that pellet grills are easy, just so easy to use, and they produce fantastic results. What’s more, many models have a huge capacity, and with a few modest accessory pieces, you can pretty much cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner in your pellet grill.

Last year, JBY teamed up with Green Mountain Grills as our grill provider of choice for pellet cooking.  After a lot of research, we were convinced of GMG’s quality, plus their customer service ratings were exceptional, too.  So, we became a dealer for the brand last March, and we haven’t stopped since. And now, we want to become your pellet grill provider of choice in the San Antonio and South Texas area.

Now, for the good part:  This is a BFD from GMG! No, not that kind of BFD; get your mind out of the gutter! 😊…  This is a Black Friday Deal from Green Mountain Grills, and it’s a doozy.  It starts on November 15, 2019, and runs all the way to December 15 (a full month!).  Best of all, the pricing on these grills is enough to make your wallet squeal with joy!

So, What’s This Going to Cost Me?

The Black Friday discounts come straight from the manufacturer, and in a word they are substantial. Except for the smallish camper model (the Davy Crockett), which has a handsome $30 off price for Black Friday, the discounts start at $100 off and go up from there depending on the model.

Take our best-seller, the Daniel Boone Prime Pellet Grill with WiFi – it’s $100 off during the Black Friday sale: $599 vs $699.

It’s big brother, though, the Jim Bowie Prime Pellet Grill with WiFi is $150 off Black Friday sale price of $749 vs reg $899.

We even have non-WiFi models with even bigger discounts!

We’re Stocked and Ready to Go!

Green Mountain Grill had some problems earlier this year in keeping up with the demand, but they are fully on track now and so is JBY.  We’re stocked as much as our store can hold, and we’re ready to serve you right away. But come fast… these popular cookers will fly out the door with prices like these.




Lastly, Don’t Forget the GMG Pellets!

One critical component of pellet cooking is the pellets themselves.  At its core, a cooking pellet is made from hardwood sawdust. The difference is in the care taken to produce this needed fuel source, and rest assured that GMG takes this task seriously as it is a leader in making the best possible pellets on the market.  For instance, GMG uses only ALL NATURAL hardwood to make its pellets; there is no flavoring oil added to simulate wood flavors like other popular brands. It also uses a prevalent amount of oak to produce exceptional heat, then blends it with flavoring woods, like applewood and maple wood.  GMG also ensures that an appropriate amount of lignin – the natural enzyme in trees that “glues it together” yet also serves as the catalyst for igniting the wood – is in each pellet.  Finally, GMG’s process is so finely tuned that it keeps a 10% moisture factor in each pellet, which in turn produces exceptional smoke with minimal ash.  Best of all, the value in its packaging is unmatched: where most pellet makers sell a 20 lb bag for $15, $18, or more per bag, GMG gives you four wonderful blends of pellets in 28 lb bags all for $15 a bag!  Bar none, it is the best deal in pellets that you will find!

The BEST Place To Find This BFD?

Jeff’s Backyard, of course!  Other dealers may claim to be a Green Mountain Grill dealer, but you won’t find anyone as committed to the brand – and more importantly, as committed to your backyard cooking needs – like the good folks at The Yard.  But Hurry!… this deal will be gone before Santa completes his tune-up on his sleigh!

From our yard to yours, Jeff’s Backyard!


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